GVCA Activities

GVCA continually works alongside its members and partners to develop venture capital and private equity industry to stimulate innovation and growth. As an industry spokesperson, GVCA acts to be a communal voice towards various authorities, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.


The association is focused on fostering industry awareness through market research, active networking, so that the members of the association receive best possible investment opportunities. GVCA creates an efficient platform for project developers, companies and investors, willing to invest in ground-breaking firms in Georgia or to raise capital for their projects.


GVCA encourages sharing of experience among the members by organizes educational seminars and workshops. It represents and promotes the interests of the venture capital firms in Georgia, involving political decision makers, national and international NGOs and diplomatic organizations. Furthermore, the association serves to be an effective analytical source by performing the market research, analyzing its trends and providing reports to international associations, research institutions, investors and firms in seed stage.