Founder & Chairman

In 2005, Aieti Kukava founded JSC Alliance Group Holding and since then he is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and its subsidiaries. Alliance Group Holding established leading companies, which have the key role in the development of strategically important sectors of the country.


    • Creditinfo Georgia was established in 2004 and has significantly stimulated the development of banking sector. 
    • Business Information Company BIA, founded in 2002, made it easier for dozens of local companies to attract investors and partners.
    • Investment and M&A Advisory Firm Alliance Group Capital, which formed the transactions of several hundred million dollars in Georgia. 
    • The Finnish International School was launched in September 2019, with the aim to bring Finnish Education Model in Georgia that is ranked to be N1 in the world. The school deploys  21th century learning methods and curriculum to prepare new generation for tomorrow’s world by developing analytical thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets.  


Mr. Kukava is a chairman of Georgian Venture Capital. Together with the industry representatives, he is also the founder of Georgian Leasing Association and Georgian Microfinance Association. 

Aieti Kukava also was one of the directors of the International Microfinance Center (Poland, Warsaw). He started his career as a Senior Credit Expert of a loan portfolio management at one of the leading banks in 1997. Since then, he has worked in the banking and financial sectors in Georgia and in USA. 

Mr. Kukava obtained his MBA degree from Clarks University, Massachusetts, USA in 2002. He graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Economics and Statistics in 1994.