Chairman speech

22 Sep 2019

    Investment funds play an important role in the economy of developed countries. The purpose of our association is to support the activities of the venture capital, angel financing and private equity funds. We are ready to encourage and support the improvement of the legislative and regulatory environment, coordinating networking with foundations and associations worldwide, collaborating with state-owned and non-governmental organizations in order to create an attractive platform for innovative and start-up companies.

It is impossible to develop this sector, without a development of capital markets in the country. In this regard, we intend to cooperate with any interested parties, partner organizations and associations. 

It is also important to consider the role of Georgia as a regional financial-business hub, which will transform the sector as well as the entire economy of the country and increase its competitive advantage.  Herewith, this process will stimulate an increase in competitiveness of the qualified labor for our partner audit, legal, consulting, research and technology companies.  Higher level of competition between above-mentioned fields, accordingly, increased salaries and profitability of the companies, will be reflected in providing high quality, competitive services for the association members. As a result, Georgia will increase its global competitiveness, crowded with the head offices of venture capital and private-equity funds, providing finest service in the region. 

In addition, we want to highlight the fundamental factors that drive our competitiveness of the economy in the region and is the core for the development and success of the association: 


  • The leading position in the Ease of Doing Business (7th in the world) 
  • Low taxes (8th in the world)
  • Democratic, independent society
  • Skilled and competitively priced labor force
  • Corruption-free destination
  • Strategic Geographic location and best climate